Have to save the country before EU Commission takes action : Qasim

BY: latheef, 24 Feb 2018

JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim have said that the EU Commission is debating about the Maldives and that we should save the country before EU Commission takes action against the Maldives.

Qasim said that he does not know when EU will take action but based on the current situation of Maldives he said that it wont be too late.

“This is not EU alone. USA and India also have similar thinking. What will happen to us if they impose sanctions on us like they did for North Korea and Iran. The national reserve is very low and it will be over within a month. How will we get staple food and medicine and Maldivians will starve” said Qasim.

Qasim said that large and high end resorts in the Maldives are empty and as a result the tax revenue will decrease. “How will the resorts pay taxes and land rent. All resorts will face this and if they do not pay the fines will also increase” said Qasim.

Qasim said that the damages to the tourism industry because of the state of emergency affects the citizens directly.

Qasim called all the citizens to fulfil their individual responsibility to save Maldives from this situation.


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