Two bills were passed unlawfully – the state should not act upon it : Qasim

BY: latheef, 13 Mar 2018

JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim have stated that the two bills passed by the parliament today is unconstitutional and hence the state should not comply with it.

Qasim said that 43 members of the parliament needs to be present in the parliament session to ask for a vote regarding these two bills. He said that according to the laws, no vote can be taken if there are less than this amount of members present in the parliament chamber.

Qasim asked parliament members not to take part in unlawful activities saying that these are huge wrong doings by the parliament. Previously Qasim even asked PPM members not to take part in the voting of these two bills.

MP Mohammed Nasheed and MP Mohammed Hussein did not vote for the anti-defection bill. Qasim expressed his views regarding these two bills via twitter soon after it was passed.


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