Riyaz suspected of conspiring to overthrow the government!

BY: latheef, 13 Mar 2018

Abdullah Riyaz the deputy leader of JP is suspected of conspiring to overthrow the government by creating violence in the streets, according to his lawyer Nooruh Salaam. Nooruh Salaam says that Riyaz denies all the allegations against him.

He said that Riyaz took part in a peaceful protest against the unlawful acts of President Yameen and that everyone has this constitutional right. MP Riyaz and MP Abdullah Shahid were arrested during that protest however Shahid has been released now.

After the verdict of 1st February the government announced a state of emergency and arrested many people, accusing them of conspiring to overthrow the government. Prominent figures that were arrested include former President Maumoon, Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed, Justice Ali Hameed, son of JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim and many members of the parliament.


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