Dictators always arrests political rivals – Maldives is special because they arrest the whole family : Ameen

BY: latheef, 15 Apr 2018

Deputy Leader of JP Ameen Ibrahim have stated that it is common for dictators to arrest political rivals, but Maldives is special because they arrest the whole family of the rival as well.

Speaking on VTV last night, Ameen said that authoritarian leaders around the world, arrests their political rivals, but in Maldives it is at an extreme level and tyranny is at the highest level.

“What did they prove by sentencing our leader Qasim Ibrahim ? Look at how Chief Justice and other political leaders are being treated. Isn’t the government trying to get rid of them no matter what?” said Ameen.

Ameen said that the government arrested Siyad Qasim because the government thinks that’s the easiest way to paralyze the businesses of Qasim Ibrahim.

“When we look at how it happened, we can see how corrupt President Yameen’s mind is. While arresting, they said that he was being arrested for accepting bribes. We believe that later they changed the charges because they felt that the people will not believe it. That is why they had to plant something. So after 11 days they changed it. They said he was arrested for conspiring to overthrow the government. In the charges it says that he gave bribes. We don’t know how the verdict is going to be and this is their situation now. Then they always have to use police to do their dirty deeds. They have no other option” said Ameen.

He further described the current government as a tyrannical government and noted that political detainees are being kept in small cells and that they are being deprived of the most basic rights.


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