It will not be possible to run a corruption free government : President Yameen

BY: latheef, 13 Aug 2018

President Yameen have said that corruption is part of human nature and that it will not be possible to run a corruption free government.

Speaking at Veymandoo, President Yameen said that the responsibility of the government is to investigate corruption cases and take action. He said that the government is taking action and that some people hate the government because of that.

President said that, delaying development of resorts after acquiring islands, is also corruption. President Yameen noted that Tha.Elaa has not been developed.

Elaa was not developed because, Tourism Ministry stopped the development of the resort. Supreme Court issued a verdict in Villa’s favor, however the government has not handed over the island to Villa.

President Yameen have been saying that he will implement court orders, however it seems that he is selective in implementing orders. Many are asking why, the government is not implementing some court verdicts.

Meanwhile, recently, former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb said that 80 million dollars was taken into the president’s residence and it was counted there. In addition, ACC revealed that 1 million dollars was deposited to the president’s bank account. However the case has been filed after investigations.


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