Ibu Solih calls to give medical attention to Maumoon and to transfer him home !

BY: latheef, 25 Aug 2018

Coalitions’s presidential candidate, Ibrahim Muhammed Solih (Ibu) have called the government to give appropriate medical attention to former President Maumoon and requested to transfer president Maumoon home.

Ibu tweeted expressing his concern, after Maumoon was changed to Dhoonidhoo Jail from Maafushi Jail yesterday and returned him to Maafushi Jail today at a time his family has expressed concerns about Maumoon’s ailing health.

Ibu requested the government to provide appropriate medical attention to former President Maumoon. Ibu said that tomorrow will be Maumoon’s 200th day in jail and there are challenges in ensuring justice for Maumoon. He said that, Maumoon is being transferred from jail to jail not because the staffs of the jails want to do it, but they are acting upon President Yameen’s orders.


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