Did not cooperate when I requested MIRA for information regarding MMPRC : Niyaz

BY: moosawaheed, 13 Sep 2018

Former Auditor General said that, MIRA did not cooperate when he requested for information regarding MMPRC.

Niyaz said that when MIRA refused to provide the information he met with the Commissioner General of Taxation and explained the matter in a legal context, but he did not wish to cooperate.

Niyaz said that when MIRA refused to cooperate he got the legal opinion of the Attorney General and sent it to MIRA. He said that the AG requested MIRA to give access to the Auditor General.

“However Inland Revenue Authority did not cooperate. The Auditor General can only exercise his duty when he gets access to information from state institutions. When this audit was going on, I faced many challenges from many institutions “ said Niyaz.

Niyaz said that he was talking with ACC as well during the investigation. He said that he later learned that they shared the information about the investigation with the then tourism minister Ahmed Adheeb.

Niyaz said that the biggest challenge was the state institutions not cooperating with the investigation.


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