City hotel with 500 rooms to be developed in Fuvahmulah

BY: mariyam Waheedha, 19 Sep 2018

Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer have said that the government has planned to developed a 500 room conference facility in Fuvahmulah in order to promote tourism in the atoll.

Speaking at a press conference held at the ministry, the minister said that they are going to take Kaashidhoo is a model while developing the hotel. “There is a lot of demand in Fuvahmulah. When Addu International Airport is being developed, there is a lot of opportunity in GA, Gdh and Fuvahmulah” said the minister.

In addition the minister said that many new jobs will be created and, that the government will expand the harbour of Fuvahmulah and create a swimming area in the island.


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