There should not be any illegal govt spending- Faisal Naseem

BY: latheef, 14 Jul 2014

Faisal Naseem, MP for Kaashidhoo has said that there should not be any illegal spending by the government and any such spending should be stopped.

Faisal Naseem made this remark speaking at the fifth meeting of the Public Accounts Committee meeting held yesterday.

At the meeting nembers began review of the wages framework for state institutions, as stipulated by Article 102 of the Constitution and Article 100 (a) of the Standing Orders of the People’s Majlis.

He said that it is worrying that the government still spends on the fuel expenses of the cars of the executive level officials as a separate allowance while it was decided to include it within the salary of the drivers.

The order of business at yetserday’s committee meeting was review of the President’s request to repeal the decision of the Public Accounts Committee of the 17th People’s Majlis to omit allowances given to officials of the Executive for transportation expenditure such as fuel and salaries of drivers.

Ahmed Amir, MP for Kudahuvadhoo, proposed for voting to approve of the request. The proposal was seconded by Ibrahim Didi, MP for Feydhoo, and received 7 votes in favour.

Attendees were the Chair, Ahmed Nihan Hussein Manik, MP for Villi-Malé, Ahmed Saleem, MP for Eydhafushi, Riyaz Rasheed, MP for Vilufushi, Ahmed Thariq, MP for Mahibadhoo, Ahmed Rasheed, MP for Gaddhoo, Ibrahim Didi, MP for Feydhoo, Abdul Gafoor Moosa, MP for Kulhudhufushi-North, Ahmed Naashid, MP for Komondoo, Ibrahim Mohamed Salih, MP for Hinnavaru, Ibrahim Shareef, MP for Maradhoo, Faisal Naseem, MP for Kaashidhoo, Ahmed Amir, MP for Kudahuvadhoo, and Hussein Mohamed, MP for Mathiveri.


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