No changes will be brought to the decision of PG group- Riyaz

BY: shaheedasaeed, 30 Nov -0001

Deputy Leader of the PPM Parliamentary Group and Vilufushi constituency MP, Riyaz Rasheed has said that the PG group’s decision to appoint Muhuthaz Muhsin has the Prosecutor General will not be changed.

Speaking to Miadhu Daily, Riyaz said that there will be no change to this decision by the PG group of the party.

He said that no additional meetings were held to discuss the matter. He said that this decision was made with the majority support of the Parliamentary group members.

Riyaz said that this decision will be passed in the Peoples’ Majlis today. He said that the decision of the Parliamentary Group will cause no damage to the government or the party despite the decision being against the request of the former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Riyaz said that the PPM Parliamentary Group will never make any decisions that will cause damage to the party or the current government.


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