One of the key priority of the health master plan is improving quality of services : Health Ministry

BY: latheef, 16 Feb 2017

State minister for Health Hussain Rasheed have stated that one of the key priority of the health master plan is on improving the quality of services and expanding the services.

Speaking about the effort of the government to improve the quality of health services, at the symposium organized by ADK, Hussain said that the government is conducting various programs all over the nation.

He said that if a patient cannot receive adequate services from one island, the patient is transported to a facility where services are available.

He said that even though some medical facilities lack equipment, the government has organized in a way that the patients can be taken care in a hassle-free manner. Those who needs to be taken to Male’ for further treatment can also be transported to Male’ easily now.

In addition, Hussain Rasheed explained in details, the programs the government has undertaken to develop the health sector of Maldives.


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