Home Minister requests journalists to be more responsible!

BY: latheef, 20 Mar 2017

Home Minister Ahmed Azleen have requested the journalists of Maldives to work more responsibly.

Speaking to Miadhu News, minister Azleen said that majority of the journalists in Maldives are responsible but there are some people who are very irresponsible. “There are few journalists like that and that is why problems are created” said Azleen.

Azleen said that no matter what position you occupy, everyone has a responsibility towards the nation and hence everyone should work towards national development. He said that journalists should stop spreading false information about the government and government officials. He said that information should be disseminated after making sure that the information is correct.

Azleen said that home ministry will do whatever they can to develop journalism. At the moment, there is no official list of the active journalists in Maldives. The minister said that such a list should be there and soon the ministry will form one.

It should be noted that sometimes journalists face challenges because broadcasting commission and media council has conflicting responsibilities. In Maldives, one is considered a journalist if he or she has the press card. Such a card would be given to journalists who works in media outlets registered at home ministry. If someone works in an unregistered outlet, then that person is not considered a journalist.

There is a basic code of conduct all journalists must follow. If journalists violate this code, action can be taken against them and it always has been done. This is the same in Maldives and other countries as well.

Even in the US, the White House has black listed some journalists. So far nothing like that has been done in Maldives. Maldivian journalists have a lot of freedom in this regard.


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