If Qasim is being oppressed a lot of people will come out against it : Muthallib

BY: latheef, 19 Apr 2017

Former MP of Faresmaathoda constituency Abdullah Muthallib have said that if JP LeaderQasim Ibrahim is being punish unjustly there will be a lot of people who will come out against it.

Speaking at a gathering held by the opposition Sunday night at Kunooz, Muthalib said that he had to go to a political podium after 4 years because Qasim was being punished unjustly. He said that Villa Group accounts were frozen unjustly and Qasim was detained at Dhoonidhoo unjustly as well. He said that hence people will not just remain and watch while Qasim is being treated like this.

Muthhalib said that Qasim is not only a philanthropist who helped the poor people in Maldives but he is also a participant of the first reform activities in Maldives. He said that Qasim worked hard to improve the financial situation of Maldives. In addition, he said that Qasim resigned as Finance Minister after bringing numerous developments to the financial sector of Maldives. He said that various regulations were made during Qasim’s tenure as the minister to prevent theft and corruption.

Muthhalib said that corruption and thef from government funds have increased now because some regulations were changed.


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