Dua to be made inside Masjid Al-Haram asking to improve the situation of Maldives !

BY: latheef, 21 Apr 2017

Miadhu News, has learned that a group of Maldivians are making arrangements to make Dua inside Masjid Al-Haram asking to improve the situation of Maldives continuously.

Sources say that, a lot of Maldivians are planning to go to Umra for this. They are making arrangements so that there will always be a group of Maldivians near the Haram to make dua.

The person who spoke on behalf of the organizers said that, the situation of Maldives should be improved. He said that the most important aspect is ensuring justice.

“It was yesterday that the Supreme Court of Pakistan reached a verdict saying that Nawaz Shareef will not lose his post as Prime Minister. The opposition of Pakistan has accepted this verdict. Because they trust the judiciary.

He said that if someone is suspected of a crime, that person should be given a fair trial and a just punishment should be given. He said that in Maldives, people do not trust the judiciary because they are not sure that these things are being justly.

“ For example, look at Colonel Nazim’s case. His trial was conducted at a fast pace. However, when police found evidence that could prove that he is not guilty, they are not looking into it. While Mahloof’s jail sentence is almost over, where is the appeal case he filed” said the person.

He said that the blame cannot be only put on the courts. He said that the PG and AG also have responsibilities. In addition, he said that the parliament and other institutions also have responsibilities. He said that, the country will be stable only when the country is saved from this situation and hence, more dua should be made asking for it.

In addition, he said that he is not such a wealthy person but he has sponsored one person to go to Umra. He said that even he will go to Umra and pray that Maldives will be in a better situation.


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