Judges did not care about the appeals of Qasim and his lawyers about Wasim’s health conditions : Legal team

BY: latheef, 21 Apr 2017

JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim’s legal team have said that the judges did not pay any attention to the appeals made by Qasim and his lawyers regarding Qasim’s health condition and the condition of his jail cell.

Qasim’s lawyer, Mariya Ahmed Didi said that the lawyers talked in length about the condition of Qasim’s jail cell since Qasim faces a lot of health problems. In addition, she said that Qasim himself sopke about the issues since they are serious matters for his health

Judge Abdul Baary who presided over today’s case is the same judge who gave the illegal verdict to arrest Qasim. Qasim’s lawyers noted that it was him who issued the remand last night even.

Mariya said that they request some other judge to preside over the case, but Judge Baary decided to preside over the case himself.

She said that in today’s hearing the police requested for a 15-day remand and the PG lawyer also supported that. Mariya also raised concerns because the judge keeps remanding Qasim just as the police requests.


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