Our only purpose is to hold the government responsible and put the country on the right path : Abdullah Riyaz

BY: latheef, 21 Apr 2017

Deputy Leader of JP, Abdullah Riyaz have said that, the only purpose of the opposition coalition is to make the government accountable and put the country on the right path.

Speaking to media today Riyaz said that so far Qasim Ibrahim has been the only opposition Leader who has not been jailed by this government with a huge sentence and when he is jailed there will be some challenges in the work of the opposition coalition.

He said that even though the opposition coalition will continue to work.

Riyaz said that even though Qasim is arrested again to show that the previous arrest was right, it will not happen and what is done unlawfuly will remain unlawful.

In addition, he said that the country should not be in a way that government runs only as the ruling party has a say in affairs. He said that the voice of the opposition is also important and urged the government to create an environment where the opposition is allowed to voice their opinions with out threats.


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