Obeying Allah is obligatory not only in Ramadan : Islamic Minister

BY: latheef, 29 May 2017

Islamic Minister Dr.Ahmed Ziyad Baqir have said that Muslims should obey Allah as long as they live and not only during Ramadan.

Speaking at a religious lecture organized by the Islamic Ministry last night, the minister said that this is an important question everyone should ask themselves. Speaking about fasting he said that fasting is special because it is an act others cannot see and all other forms of worships can be seen by others. He said that only Allah will know that if someone is truly fasting.

Dr.Ziyad said that fasting can be complete when the faith is strong. He said that without any faith fasting will not be complete. The minister said that those who fast properly can be identified from their behavior.

Dr.Adam Shameem and Sheikh Nimal Muhammad gave religious lectures during last night’s program.


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