Fasting gives health benefits in addition to spiritual benefits : Sheikh Rasheed

BY: latheef, 30 May 2017

Deputy Islamic Minister Sheikh Muhammad Rasheed Ibrahim have said that fasting provides many spiritual benefits but in addition, it also provides many health benefits.

Speaking at a religious lecture held yesterday, Sheikh Rasheed said that usually humans consume food in excess. He said that as a result of fasting, the body gets cleansed from all these excess products in the body. He said that however, one should fast for the spiritual benefits, and not for the health benefits only. “We must desire for spiritual benefits. The health benefits are a bonus given by Allah for those who fast” said Sheikh Rasheed.

In addition, the sheikh asked to perform salat even outside of Ramadan. He said that abandoning salat on purpose is an act of Kufr and hence muslims should be very careful.


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