Drug dealers are targeting children and that should be stopped : Home Minister

BY: latheef, 16 Jul 2017

Home Minister Ahmed Azleen have said that drug dealers have started targeting children and it should be stopped.

Speaking at the ceremony held last night to mark the International Day Against Illicit Drugs, the minister said that drug dealers are selling drugs to children and also using them as dealers. In addition he noted that children are used to commit crimes.

Azleen said that children commit such crimes because they get more money from these crimes than they get from family. “It is important to know who your children’s hangout with. It is important to save them before they chose a life of crime. It is not easy to save them later” said the minister.

Azleen said that since drug use is so prevalent in the whole country everyone should work together in the anti-drug efforts. In addition he said that the government is doing lots of work to save people who are using drugs. He said that the government is providing youths with job opportunities and business opportunities through soft loans.

The minister said that the government spend more than 300 million Rufiyaa for the youth every year and that is for the future. He said that the government is trying to help drug addicts because that is very important.


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