One of the reason for intoxicants being haram is to save human lives : Dr.Shaheem

BY: latheef, 16 Jul 2017

Chancellor of Islamic University Dr.Shaheem Ali Saeed have said that one of the reason for intoxicant being haram is to save human lives.

He said that human lives is sacred for Allah and the religion Islam was revealed it self to protect human life and dignity. In addition Dr.Shaheem said that intoxicants were made haram to save the mind of people. “The difference between other creatures and humans is the ability to think. Knowledge, skills and the work done to build civilizations are dependent on this ability” said Dr.Shaheem.

Dr.Shaheem said that if a man loses his mind then, that person is non-existent even if he is there. If someone is not sound of mind, then he is not a mukallaf. Hence Islam encourages people to be sound of mind according to Dr.Shaheem.

In addition, Dr.Shaheem said that intoxicants were made haram to protect dignity and wealth of the people and scholars of Islam agrees upon this. He said that these things can be protected only when one is sound of mind. Hence if someone goes insane none of these will be protected.

Dr.Shaheem noted that for these reasons the society should be saved from drugs. He also said that the best cure for addiction are religious and spiritual treatments.


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