MMA to install a coin deposit machine – two coin withdrawal machines installed !

BY: latheef, 10 Aug 2017

Governor of MMA Dr.Azeema Adam have said that they are planning to install a coin deposit machine.

Speaking at the ceremony held to inaugurate the newly installed coin withdrawal machines and to officially launch the new 5 Rufiyaa notes, Azeema said that in many people collect coins. She said that hence sometimes it is difficult to get coins. She said that the coin deposit machine will be installed in an area where many people can access it easily.

She said that, she hopes the number of people depositing coins will increase once the machine is installed.

The coin withdrawal machine installed by MMA today allows people to deposit cash and get coins in different denominations. These machines will run from 8:30 am till 4:00 pm. Azeema said that they plan to lengthen the working hours of these machines in future.

When these machines are put into operation people will no longer have to wait in ques at the bank to get coins. They can get coins from this machine and hence this will be a very useful service for many people.


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