Facing grievances because of how opposition members are treated: Makhloof

BY: latheef, 11 Aug 2017

MP Ahmed Mahloof said that the parliament members and general public are extremely sad due to the ill treatment towards opposition members by the government.

Speaking to the press, Mahloof said that the government prevented Faaris from leaving the country to see his dying aunt even though he requested repeatedly. Mahloof said that Faaris Maumoon’s aunt passed away before Faaris could see her.

Mahloof said that MP Saud also faced a similar situation. Mahloof said that Saud’s mom died because the family was not able to take her abroad because Saud was in jail. In addition Mahloof said that the government is obstructing Qasim from leaving Maldives to seek treatment even though they know that Qasim cannot be treated in Maldives.

Mahloof said that if anything happens to Qasim, the President himself should take responsibility.


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