When we talked about the problems action was taken against us – shows that we cannot back down : lawyers

BY: latheef, 11 Sep 2017

The team of lawyers who tried to file a petition to the Supreme Court have said that when they talked about the problems in the judiciary, they got suspended instead of even talking about it and hence it shows that they cannot back down.

Speaking to the press today, they said that they are surprised that the DJA and the Supreme Court knows about the content of a petition that was not accepted by them in the first place. Also, they questioned how these authorities obtained information without questioning a single lawyer who signed the petition.

In addition, they said that it is the lawyers who will experience the injustices of the judiciary the best and even all the citizens of the Maldives believe that. Furthermore, they said that they started the reform movement because they could not tolerate the injustices and hence will continue to work until things are set right.

They said that even though action is being taken against them, their work will not stop and more lawyers will sign the petition. They also said that it is a duty of the lawyers to figure out the problems in the judiciary and to work to correct the problems.


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