Milo Inter-School Athletics Championship begins with 34 schools !

BY: , 11 Sep 2017

The 20th Milo Inter-School Athletics Championship has begun with 34 schools this morning.

The championship will go on starting from today till Friday. 143 teams from 34 schools will compete in 10 categories in this championship.

The championship is organized by the Athletics Association of Maldives and a total of 1036 athletes will take part in the championship. There are 19 teams in the under 11 boy’s categories while 17 teams in the girls category.

There 20 teams in the under 13 boy’s category while 23 teams in the girls category. In addition 15 teams are there in the under 15 boys category and 14 teams in the girls. Seventeen teams are taking part in the under 17 boys category while 7 teams are taking part in the under 17 girls category.

The events of this tournament will be held from 7030 hours till 1030 hours and from 1600 hours till 1800 hours.


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