Villa College to begin Quran courses !

BY: latheef, 12 Sep 2017

Villa College the largest private educational institution in the Maldives had decided to conducted Quran courses. The purpose of the courses is to spread Quranic knowledge.

Today an agreement was signed between Villa College and the Center for the Holy Quran.

Speaking at the agreement signing ceremony, officials from Villa College stated that the first course will commence in September 2017 and more courses will begin on January 2018. President of the Center for the Holy Quran, Ibrahim Rasheed Moosa said that under the agreement they signed today, they will provide technical assistance to conduct Qari course level 1, 2, 3 and 4 and also advance level courses. He said that they will also assist conduct various other courses related to Quranic knowledge in future.

Ibrahim Rasheed Moosa said that this is the first agreement of this kind signed by the center with an educational institution. He said that previously they made agreements with Quran classes. He said that forming partnership with an established college like Villa will help to further advance the work done by the center.

Even now Villa College conducts courses on Islamic Sharia. Since Villa College has campuses across the nation, these new courses on Quran will benefit many people.


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