State submits 2 anonymous witnesses against Faaris in the identity theft case !

BY: , 22 Oct 2017

The state has submitted two anonymous witnesses against Faaris Maumoon in the identity theft case.

The witnesses were submitted in a hearing held today at 11:30 in the Criminal Court.

In addition, the state also submitted a Civil Court verdict, a letter by the Elections Commission and a letter by Abdul Raheem Abdullah the deputy leader of PPM.

The state said that the two witnesses are people who were present during the press conference held by Faris Maumoon on 12th March. The witnesses said that Faris Maumoon spoke as if he was a PPM member.

Defense lawyers of Faaris Maumoon highlighted a technical error said that the state cannot submit anonymous witnesses because the state gave up that right before. In addition they said that under the criminal procedures act, the state should announce before the trail that they want to submit anonymous witnesses.

In response to that, the Judge Ibrahim Ali said that he will decide whether he will obtain the witness testimony anonymously or not.


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