JP spokesperson Ali Solih assaulted

JP spokesperson Ali Solih assaulted

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Jumhooree Party (JP)’s spokesperson Ali Solih says police physically assaulted him on Sunday.

Ali Solih said police had taken him while he was standing near the Criminal Court area where JP leader Qasim Ibrahim’s son Ibrahim Siyad Qasim’s hearing was taking place.

Ali Solih said police took him when he asked them not to touch, shove and pinch women that were inside the barricades in a cordoned area.

He said police led him through the cordoned area while he was outside the barricades, shoving and pinching him, saying they will show him ‘how to shove and pinch’.

Ali Solih said police ordered him to sit at the backseat of a police vehicle parked a small distance away from the Criminal Court. Police used very foul language while addressing him and talked to him while he was led away, mistaking him for a journalist, he said.

He said police asked him whether journalists think they can write whatever they want regarding the police and hit him twice on the ear and pinched his hand a few times.

Ali Solih showed the nail marks on his neck to the press, saying this despicable act of two police officers does not make the whole police department responsible. Stating that he had filed an assault case with the police standard command, Ali Solih said they assured they will look into it.

Report: Vnews