Human Rights Watch calls to free the two Supreme Court justices !

Human Rights Watch calls to free the two Supreme Court justices !

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Human Rights Watch have stated that the government of Maldives should immediately drop the politically motivated charges against two Supreme Court justices and free them immediately.

This statement was issued following the sentencing of Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed and Justice Ali Hameed to one year, seven months in prison for influencing court rulings. Abdullah Saeed was also sentenced under obstruction of justice charges. Terrorism charges against these two judges are also pending.

Brad Adams the Asia director of Human Rights Watch have stated that President Yameen has used every trick in the book to retain his hold on power. He called donors and influential governments to put pressure on the government to end the government’s attack on fundamental rights and the democratic institutions of the country.

The judges were arrested soon after the Supreme Court issued to a ruling calling to fee many political prisoners including former President Nasheed and opposition party JP’s leader Qasim Ibrahim.

President Yameen declared the ruling as illegal and announced a state of emergency and made a series of high profile arrests. Those arrested in addition to the Supreme Court justices include former President Maumoon, his son, MPs, and two formers commissioners of police.

The government should order the release of the nine convicted opposition members, whose trials were politically motivated and in violation of their due process rights, Human Rights Watch said.

“Sentencing judges to prison for upholding fair trial rights is the latest blow to the rule of law in the Maldives,” Adams the Asia Director of Human Rights Watch added. “Yameen should take immediate steps to restore political freedoms and democratic rule in the country to ensure free and fair elections in September.”