PPM did not present any legit reasons for the election to be nullified : Hisaan

PPM did not present any legit reasons for the election to be nullified : Hisaan

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Hisan Hussein who is representing the opposition parties who intervened in the case submitted to the Supreme Court by President Yameen to nullify the elections have said that case submitted by President Yameen is baseless and it was completely based on imaginary situations.

She said that in the hearing today, the EC lawyer also stated that none of the things mentioned by PPM are actual events. “Complaints by President Yameen includes 1. A pen with disappearing ink, 2. A ring which can be used to write and 3. Ballot papers which were treated chemically to make the marks disappear. These are imaginary theories they made up because they couldn’t accept defeat. They did not submit any evidence to prove these theories said Hisaan.

“In addition the Supreme Court ruling on the 2013 elections has a guideline to determine whether an election was unfair. It has 6 points and they did not submit anything to prove that any of the points mentioned under these 6 points actually happened. So even based on that ruling, the election cannot be annulled” said Hisaan.

Hisaan said that PPM’s legal team requested to submit confidential witnesses, but she stated that it cannot be done. “The chief justice said that the judges did not make a decision regarding the submission of confidential witnesses” said Hisaan.

She further said that an election can be nullified only if something which could change the results of the whole election occurred. She said that even if some cases of irregularities are proven, only the results of that certain ballot box can be nullified and not the election as a whole.