This is not the time for minimum wage: Qasim

This is not the time for minimum wage: Qasim

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Villa Group’s Chairman Qasim Ibrahim has stated that the Maldives is facing various challenges due to Covid-19 and hence this is not the right to set a minimum wage as it cannot be given even if a minimum wage is set.

Qasim made this statement while speaking at the parliamentary committee meeting held to analyze the report made by the minimum wage board.

He said that the countries is facing much more serious problems. He showed examples in the health sector and the economy.

“there is no point in spending time in something that cannot be done at this time. The whole word’s economy is affected due to corona. Even we are facing various problems. Our economy is facing various challenges” said Qasim. 

The chair of minimum wage board, Mariyam Khalidha also talked in this regard.

Speaking at the public discussion held on minimum wage, Khalidha said that the report of the board was formed before covid-19 and hence this is not the right time to implement the minimum wage as the economy is going to go in recession. Despite these comments by Khalidha, the parliament is still holding meetings regarding the matter.

Most of th people work in the tourism sector in the Maldives and tourism industry was hit hard due to covid-19. Some resorts in Maldives has halted operations due to covid-19.