Doing Best for others- will raise your Status higher and higher.

Doing Best for others- will raise your Status higher and higher.

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In life, you cannot control how people treat you. But you always have power and control over how you treat others. The decision of determining how to treat people has been bestowed to humankind by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala

One of the major concerns among people and spouses include being unappreciated and abused even though they treat their spouse well.

For a fact, one could agree with these arguments to be valid! Because in today's world, most people neglect to acknowledge the help they obtain from others and turn a blind eye to that. However, we want to hight one thing.

We don't need a survey and an in-depth study. Think about how things have changed in the lives of the people around you. Now reflect on the lives of people who treat others rightly, despite the ill-treatment they receive.

They might have tribulations in their lives. However, 99% of these people who treat others rightly, disregarding how they get treated by others, managed to have contentment in life and stay happier.

Do you wonder why they have contentment in life? It is because they have two benefits for doing so. First is the reward they get when others mistreat them, and the second is the bonus one. Despite the mistreatment they get, they continue doing right by others for the sake of Allah, and therefore Allah blesses them abundantly.

Just think how content that person would be for receiving such a blissful reward. Therefore, do not think about how people treat you. Fulfil your rights for the sake of Allah, and do your part seeking the mercy of Allah. Try to get these blessings so that you can stay happy as well.