Five things to do before bed.

Five things to do before bed.

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These days, people are too busy with worldly life that most of them fall asleep exhausted. They are too tired to wash up and make wudu before bed. They spend their night on meaningless things such as watching television and playing with their phones. They fall asleep when they get tired of what they have been doing without getting ready for bed.

However, completing the following five tasks before bed will help you strengthen your bond with Allah.

First, no matter how tired you are, make sure that you have fulfilled your daily Salah all the daily prayers before bed. Do not leave any prayer for later.

Second, If you had a dispute with anyone on that particular day, make sure to solve that dispute and cleanse your heart before bed. Especially if it is a family issue, make sure to solve it. More precisely, if it is between the spouse, try to resolve it anyhow. No matter who is at fault, discuss and solve the issue before bed.

Third, Sit down somewhere, if possible, on the prayer mat. Try to remember the wrongs you have committed on that day. Call upon Allah, ask Him for forgiveness. Even if you can not recall the things you have done, still ask for forgiveness.

Fourth, comprehending that you may not wake up in the morning, make sure to write down the wills and testaments before bed or notify the family of things they need to know.

People often ask the question of whether you are sleeping not to wake up in the morning? Everyone sleep, hoping to wake up in the morning. However, who can guarantee to wake up in the morning? Hence, update your wills every day before bed. Because if you keep delaying, it may be too late to do that and may raise grave problems that you may have to face on the day of judgement. Therefore, it is wise to notify your children of your debts and other testaments before it is too late so that they can fulfil your rights even after your death.

You do not necessarily have to gather all the kids every night to discuss your wills. But use your diary to note down everything you need to notify the family.

Fifth, make sure you perform wudu before bed because an Angel will spend the night with you and making dua, calling Allah to forgive you.

Ibn Abbas reported that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:

‘Purify these bodies, and Allah will purify you, for any slave who goes to sleep in a state of purity has an Angel that spends the night with him. Every time he turns over, (the Angel) says, ‘O Allah! Forgive Your slave, for he went to bed in a state of purity.’

(Al-Mu’jamul Awsat of Tabarani, Hadith: 5087)