Miracles of Tahajjud: How my kids and I were blessed after the sudden demise of my late husband.

Miracles of Tahajjud: How my kids and I were blessed after the sudden demise of my late husband.

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The sudden demise of my late husband was an immense shock for me. Our eldest child was seven, and the youngest one was only two years old when he died. My only financial support was him. We paid our bills and rent with his salary. With that salary, we rented a two rooms apartment.

Like every other couple, we also had disagreements. But we never had an argument that would affect our marriage. We talked through our differences respectfully and made family decisions together. We shared the daily chores and arranged them so that we both could do them efficiently. I cannot even begin to express how I felt after the sudden death of my husband.  Being a single parent trying to provide and take care of three little kids would be very difficult and exhausting.

However, I was hopeful and calmed myself by reminding myself that the death of someone we care and love dearly is indeed a saddening moment of life. Nevertheless, I believed that when Allah takes away something, He surely will replace it with something better and beneficial.

My late husband was buried right after the Asr prayer that day. Honestly, I was immobile after the funeral. I couldn’t bring myself to move nor be able to feel anything. I felt lost, wondering where to go or what to do. Amid everything, my mind was irked by that I have no way to manage the rent for the upcoming month even if I do go back home.

I was standing still, frozen, clueless about what to do next, when my uncle patted me, saying, “Let’s go home, dear!” which gave me a little strength to keep moving forward.

My uncle was not someone who talked much to me. Yet during the funeral day, he handed me some money and asked me not to worry about anything. He also offered to help me by telling me to give him a call if I am distressed or needed help over anything.

Truly none has the power to anticipate the blessings Allah has written for them. My uncle, who rarely talked to me, was sent to my kids and me as a benefactor for us. He supported us financially and also helped us through everything.

Almost a year after the death of my late husband, I got married to my new husband. My current husband is a much better husband to me and a step-dad to my kids. Talking about the good qualities of my husband is not a devaluation of my late husband. But he is much of a kind-hearted person.

As far as what I believe, I got such a good person as my current husband is because of the prayers I made with my late husband in Tahajjud every night.

Every night after Tahajjud, we used to pray Allah even after the death of anyone of us, not to let the other remaining spouse face hardships which would be difficult to endure. It seems that Allah has answered both of our sincere prayers for each other.

My late husband is the one who would always have my heart. Regardless of it, we have to accept what destiny holds for us and what Allah has written for us in the end. Indeed, Allah is ever all-knowing, all the wise.

I wish for the readers of this news article to benefit from something after reading this.