Can’t support arrest without court warrant- Gasim

Can’t support arrest without court warrant- Gasim

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Maamigili constituency MP, Gasim Ibrahim has said that he does not support arresting of individuals without a court warrant.

Gasim Ibrahim said that arresting any person without a court warrant is a violation of the human right of that person.

He said that the investigation jurisdictions are granted to many institutions and it will be a violation of the right of the person if he or she is to be stopped from travelling abroad.

He said that he believes that arrests of individuals should be made with a court warrant and also arrest of individuals trying to go abroad should also be done with a court warrant.

Hithadhoo dhekunu constituency MP Ali Nizar said that if people’s passports are withheld from investigative institutions then will cause a lot of problems and this will be the case in every government.

He said that this gives the authority for the government or those institutions to abuse this authority.