BML completes branch presence in all atolls with country’s first green branchin V. Felidhoo

BML completes branch presence in all atolls with country’s first green branchin V. Felidhoo

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As part of Bank of Maldives’ MVR 300 million investment programme to expand banking services across the country, the Bank today opened the doors toits 29thbranch in VaavuFelidhoo,reaching the important milestone of having a branchpresence in every atoll.

The new branch is also Maldives’ first renewable energy-drivenbank branch and is powered fully by solar energy.It was inaugurated today by Minister of Environment and Energy, Thoriq Ibrahim, at a ceremony held at the island.

Speaking at the ceremony,BML’s CEO and Managing Director Andrew Healy said “Opening this branch in Felidhoorepresents an important milestone in that we finally have a branch presence in every atoll in the country.This is the second of seven new style branches we will open in the atolls this year and it further demonstrates our commitment to bring our services to the people and communities we serve.

Very importantly, this branch in Felidhoo is the country’s first green branch supporting our goal to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The new branch will have a 24-hour ATM which can facilitate both withdrawals and deposits. A small team of staff will be on hand during banking hours to support individuals and businesses with account opening, loans, credit cards and debit cards. Moreover the staff will support senior citizens in their banking and will provide pension payments.

Bank of Maldives is currently in the middle of a MVR 300 million investment program to extend its services across the country. With a nationwide network of 29 branches, 76 ATMs, 3,200 POS merchants, 177 cash agents, 12 Self-Service Banking Centres and 5 Dhoni Banking Units, BML’s investment and presence far exceeds that of all other banks combined.

As part of Bank of Maldives’ plan to encourage investment in environment-friendly green technologies, the Bank also announced today the introduction of the ‘BML Green Loan’, a concessional loan product for individuals and businesses.