Unfinished cases in courts greatly reduced

Unfinished cases in courts greatly reduced

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The records of Departments of Judicial Administration, shows that the number of unfinished cases has been greatly reduced as a result of the delegations sent to Atolls by DJA to finished the court cases quickly.

According to DJA by 2015, there were 2056 unfinished cases in superior and magistrate courts. By May 2016, 807 of those cases were finished.

Among the magistrate courts of Shaviyani, Dhaalu, and Vaavu Atoll, all the cases that were older than one year has been finished, according to DJA.

In addition, court cases in Ha Alif, Ba, and Seenu are being looked over by the delegations sent by DJA.

Lately, with the initiative of the Supreme Court, many reform steps have been introduced to deliver justice to the people.