PG sends back the case of Frm Pres Maumoon and two Justices !

BY: latheef, 11 Mar 2018

According to some sources Prosecutor General has sent back the case of Former President Maumoon and Supreme Court Justices Ali Hameed and Abdullah Saeed.

Speaking about the matter, Hussein Shameem a member of President Maumoon’s legal team said that they cannot confirm the news but they are trying to confirm it. Shameem said that even before he knew that the PG will not prosecute that case.

“If they are being charged for hiding evidence then they should be able to tell what evidence was hidden. It cannot be believed if what the hidden evidence are unknown”

Shameem said that not handing over the phone when police requests, cannot be considered as destruction of evidence. “Phone is not evidence. The information on the phone is evidence. Hence they should tell which information was hidden” said Shameem.


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