Court orders to detain Ilham till the end of the trial

BY: latheef, 21 Mar 2018

Criminal Court has ordered to detain MP Ilham till the end of the trial. He is being charged with terrorism.

According his lawyer Nooru Salaam, Ilham was questioned whether he met a Supreme Court Justice in a foreign country. Nooru Salaam said that Ilham is being charged for the “terrorist” activities of February the 1st.

He said that Ilham was detained on 8th February based on statements he made in May 2017. However he was questioned on 18th whether he met a judge. Salaam said that even if he met a judge and even if he gave bribes, then it would not be a case of terrorism but a case of bribery.

In addition he said that the court ordered a 15 days remand without the presence of the judges and again the court ordered to detain him till the trial is over. Salaam said that he is really concerned because of this.

“Rushing trials like this is forbidden by Allah” said Salaam.


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