Former President Nasheed must be able to contest in elections : UN Human Rights Committee

BY: latheef, 16 Apr 2018

United Nation’s Human Rights Committee have stated that the Maldives must revoke former President Nasheed’s conviction and allow him to contest in the presidential election that will take place later this year.

The committee published their report on Nasheed’s case saying that they find that Nasheed’s conviction on terrorism charges was based on vague laws and that it violated his right to a fair trial.

Committee member Sara Cleveland stated that political rights can be suspended or restricted only in exceptional circumstances and only under certain conditions.

Nasheed was sentenced to 13 years in jail in 2015, however he was granted a medical leave to Britain. He has not returned from Britain since then and sought asylum there. The 13 year prison sentence bars him from running in elections for 16 years.

The committee also stated that they wanted information from the Maldives within 180 days about measures taken to take its views into account and stated that the measures should be disseminated broadly in the official languages of Maldives.


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