No government is corrupt – the people who work for the government becomes corrupt : Azleen

BY: latheef, 16 May 2018

Home Minister Azleen have said that the current government and former governments of Maldives are not corrupt, but it is the people who work for the government who became corrupt.

Speaking to the press about the ongoing investigations of National Asset Recovery Commission, the minister said that their work is not political, and they are try to recover money that the sate should receive.

Azleen said that the commission will not go after any politicians but if they have to summon a politician regarding a case, then it is a different matter. Azleen refused to tell whether the commission is investigating any politician or whether they have questioned any political figure.

In addition he did not reveal any details of the cases they are working on even though the current government is also accused of corruption. He said that they are investigating the MMPRC and other such cases.


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