If cooperating with the investigation is confessing to a crime that I did not commit, then it cannot be done – Maumoon

BY: mariyam Waheedha, 19 Jul 2018

Lawyer of former President Maumoon Hameed, responded to President Yameen after he said that President Maumoon would be at home if he handed over his mobile phone to the police as requested.

Maumoon Hameed said that the Defence Minister Adam Shareef Umar met President Maumoon as an envoy of the president and requested to cooperating with the investigation team. However he said that Maumoon told him that if cooperating with the investigation team is confessing to a crime that he did not commit, he would not do it.

Furthermore, Maumoon Hameed said that President Maumoon is in jail because he worked in national interest.


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