Faisal condemns Subramanian’s call to invade Maldives

BY: latheef, 25 Aug 2018

Faisal Naseem the running mate of opposition candidate Ibrahim Muhammed Solih have condemned Swami Subramanian’s call to invade Maldives.

Faisal said that the statement was irresponsible and that he openly rejects and condemn the idea. Faisal said that India will remain as the closest friend of Maldives and that India will not do anything that will disrupt this relation.

Subramanian, an Indian MP tweeted saying that if the upcoming election is rigged, India should invade Maldives. Founder of JP, Qasim Ibrahim also stated that even if there are issues of concern, no one should violate the independence and sovereignty of Maldives.

“Subramanian saying that Maldives should invade India is an irresponsible act. We reject and condemn this idea. India will always remain as our closet nation and India will not do anything which might disrupt this relation” said Faisal.


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