Voters list is being withheld to create chaos and to anger the people : Sameer

BY: latheef, 26 Aug 2018

Secretary General of JP Ahmed Sameer have said that the Elections Commission is withholding the voters list to anger the people and to create chaos.

After the police escorted out the officials from the opposition parties who went to the Elections Commissions to get the voters list, Sameer said that it will be very easy to escort few people today but if this continues to happen more people will come and it will not be easy for security forces to stop them.

Sameer said that since the elections is this close, there should be at least one member who can provide necessary information to those who require it. He said that the working hours should be extended as well. “Today also we heard that one re-registration center in Hulhumale’ was closed after HDC demanded to close it. We cannot file the case anywhere. When we come back tomorrow a lot of time is wasted. ” said Sameer

In addition Sameer said that the people who work for President Yameen can work without any challenges and that they even get the voters list and confidential information as well. He said that hence there is no hope that the election will be fair or impartial. Sameer said that no matter what, the people will vote Ibrahim Mohammed Solih and defeat President Yameen.


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