President Yameen has arrived in Hithadhoo

BY: Aishath Ali , 8 Sep 2018

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has arrived in Hithadhoo Island of Haddunmathi Atoll this morning, as part of his current visit to islands of Haddunmathi Atoll.

Upon arrival, the President was warmly welcomed by the island's community.

During this tour, the President is scheduled to visit Hithadhoo Island, and inaugurate the Hithadhoo harbour, visit Maamendhoo Island and initiate the sewerage services of the island, visits Maabaidhoo Island and inaugurates the island’s harbour. Moreover, the President is also scheduled to visit Gan Island and inaugurate the Thundee ward harbour and inaugurate the Haddunmathi mainroad. Moreover, President Yameen is also scheduled to visit Fonadhoo Island and initiated the islands water services.


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