Sheikh Ilyas is ready to answer to the police : Lawyers

BY: mariyam Waheedha, 12 Sep 2018

Sheikh Ilyas Hussein’s legal team have said that he is ready to answer to the police regarding the statements he made regarding the murder of Dr.Afrasheem Ali.

In a press conference held by Sheikh Ilyas’s legal team, lawyer Hussein Shameem said that the summon order sent to Ilyas and the press statement made by Police does not match.

Speaking about the matter, lawyer Mahfooz Saeed said that the summon order states that they are summoning him to take a statement regarding Afrasheem’s murder but in the press statement police said that the summon order is for the statements Ilyas made regarding Dr.Afrasheem’s murder. Mahfooz requested the police to make the charges against Ilyas clear.

In addition Mahfooz said that the police should explain why the summon order says that it will take 2 hours and 30 minutes for the investigation as it is a long time for a police interview.


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