MNU’s medical school to follow the syllabus of Malaysian National University

BY: , 12 Sep 2018

Maldives National University’s medical school has signed an agreement with Malaysian National University to follow the syllabus of Malaysian National University in MNU’s medical school.

In a ceremony held at MNU, Vice Chancellor Dr.Ali Fawaz signed an agreement with Malaysian national university to use their MBBS syllabus and to train staffs of MNU’s medical school. The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Malaysian national university, Dr.Marzuki Mohammed Musthafa signed on behalf of their university.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr.Fawaz said that they are conducting trainings for MNU’s lecturers to train them to use the Malaysian syllabus. He said that before the end of this month, the first batch of MBBS students will begin their studies at MNU.

So far 38 students have been shortlisted for the course. The final list of students for the course will be finalized after the interview. The course will be conducted at the newly built 25-story building of IGMH. However, since some of the equipment required for the medical school has not been received yet, the science lab of MNU has been converted to a medical lab.

Fawaz said that experts from Malaysia will visit to Maldives to monitor the progress of the course. Vice Chancellor Dr.Marzuki said that they have been in talks with MNU for one year now. He said that he is happy that the agreement has been concluded now. The Malaysian national university is ranked at 106 in the world and there are 28,000 students studying in that university.


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