Muslims are today humiliated not because of Muslims are few in number- Sheikh Fahmy

BY: latheef, 14 Jul 2014

Sheikh Ahmed Fahmy Didi has said that Muslims are being humiliated today not because of they are few in number.

Sheikh Fahmy made this remark speaking at the Revival of the nights of Ramadan program held by the Jumhooree Party.

The sheikh said that Muslims are great in number today and they also own natural resources. However Muslims today love the worldly life more then they love the life of the hereafter.

He said that the strife and bloodshed in the world are increasing every passing day because people are drowned in materialism and the greed for authority.

“Regardless of the lands and wealth a person possesses it will not last for eternity. The life of this world is nothing but a transition. Everyone will have to leave everything he or she possess and own. Everything they own will perish,” he said.

He said that there is nothing wrong with a Muslim seeking benefit from the worldly life but it should not go beyond bounds and make him or her forget about his or her hereafter.


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