President Yameen filed a case at the Supreme Court following numerous complaints from the supporters : Legal team

BY: latheef, 10 Oct 2018

President Yameen’s lawyer and the presidential appointee to the Judicial Service Commission, Reynis Saleem have said that they filed a case to the Supreme Court on behalf of President Yameen following complaints from the president’s supporters.

Speaking to the press after filing the case at the court, Saleem said that they received complaints from the president’s supporters and the general public alleging that the 23rd September election was rigged.

Saleem said that they filed the case after analyzing the complaints very well. “After that President Yameen decided that there is ground to file a case to the Supreme Court. Based on that he filed the case. We cannot talk about the evidence today but everyone files cases when they have evidence they can rely on” said Saleem.

In addition he said that it cannot be said that the case was filed to annul the election. “He filed the case after noticing that there are things that should be investigated” said Saleem.

Saleem said that the court so far did not inform them whether the case has been registered. He said that the court will do it after examining the case.

Furthermore he said that there is no legal barriers to practice law while being a member of JSC. He said that since the president is also a Maldivian there is no legal barrier. He said that he is leading the president’s legal team.


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