Govt has neglected the rights of children with disabilities- Sheikh Moosa Nizar

BY: latheef, 30 Nov -0001

Keyodhoo constituency MP, Sheikh Moosa Nizar has said that the former governments have been neglectful of the rights of children with disabilities.

Sheikh Moosa Nizar made this remark speaking at the Majlis during plenary debate was held on the Bill on Amendments to the Disabilities Act (No. 8/2010), tabled by Anara Naeem, MP for Makunudhoo.

He said that the sad reality that all should accept is that many from the population have to cope this matter.

“Many families have atleast one child with some kind of disability. The past regimes have not provided these children with adequate facilities. We have been neglectful of their education and health,” he said.

Sheikh Mooza Nizar said that these children should be given other assistances in addition to financial help.

“I support the call advocating their rights and granting them their rights,” he said.


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