Feasibility study of Islamic University handed over to President’s Office

BY: latheef, 30 Nov -0001

Feasibility study of the Islamic University has been handed over to the President’s Office.

President of the committee formed by the President’s Office to make the study, Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said that the study was handed over to the President’s Office yesterday.

The agenda of the committee include making a strategic plan of the Islamic University, conduct a feasibility study and seek legal counsel for the established of the university.

Dr. Shaheem said that the head center of the university will be established in Hulhumale’. He said that the project is divided in to three phases and 36 million US dollars will be spent on the project.

He said that countries such as UAE and Qatar has given assurance to help in the establishment of the university.

Dr. Shaheem expressed thanks to all those who are involved and are cooperating in this project.

Meanwhile, the minister earlier stated that the Maldives Islamic University is to be established under the supervision of the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Dr. Shaheem underscored the importance of collaborating the university project with a world recognized Islamic University.

In this regard, he expressed gratitude to the International Islamic University of Malaysia’s assistance in converting the Faculty of Islamic Studies of Maldives to a fully-fledged Islamic University.

The Minister also thanked Amana Takaful for donating 20000 US dollars for the University project of the government.

He added that the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), IIC and WAMY are also ready to assist us in accomplishing this project.


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